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Musicians to inspire you!

Here are a few musicians to inspire you, they sure have in my life! Whatever journey you are on, they will make it a lot more interesting! Peace, Bryan Canavan

Bryan Canavan’s Background

About Bryan Canavan As the  2x Winner of Melbourne’s Magic Awards and appearing at many events Bryan Canavan specialise in making his audience happy. Bryan Canavan ensures the audience will love his show Can play any venue, even surrounded! Intensely Original, Funny & Motivational Clean & Family Friendly Show runs 20 mins. to 70 mins….

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Best Magician – Bryan Canavan

Bryan Canavan: Best Magician Ever Bryan Canavan is an enigma, but not in the traditional sense of the word. While many magicians have come and gone, he is attaining immortality along a different path. He is not a magician out and about showing off his dance moves right before he cuts the Statue of Liberty…

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Fantastic drawings on the sidewalk from EGK, 5 years ago in null   Make a Great Mistake from betsystreeter, 2 years ago in Technology As seen on! Is it a mistake, or just something unexpected? How the unexpected can be a window into new worlds of ideas.   Sketchnotes / Visual Note Taking @…

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